When Art Meets Word

Joelle Haddad, at only 24 years old, is an up-and-coming Lebanese designer.
It all started with a challenge she took on. She decided one day to work on a daily word of her choice and mold it into a calligraphic piece of art.

Joelle took on this experiment after finishing her studies in Graphic Design.
As she worked on her side project, she fell in love with the art of calligraphy and decided to pursue her passion on a bigger scale.

Razme Jewelry by Joelle Haddad was born.

She decided to start creating limited edition Arabic pieces, and launched her first collection in 2014. This year, she showcased her collection at Beirut Design Week.

Her creations include rings, earrings, pendants, cuff-links and bracelets.
Every single piece she crafts can be whatever you wish for it to be. Gold, silver, or silver gold-plated, it will be custom-made and uniquely yours.

Her pieces are not only a fashion statement confined to the Middle East. In fact, there is growing awareness and interest in Arabic calligraphy all over the world. It is an intriguing art that all fashion-conscious women seem to be eager to give a try.

Joelle’s pieces are a wonderful manifestation of the beautiful Arabic heritage that the world salutes and long for.
Joelle’s love for this art form is visible in her beautiful designs. When deciding which alphabets the shape of jewels should be molded in, she has a very clear idea.

She follows her own heart.

Her works of art are the ultimate gift you can offer someone.
So get creative and customize a piece the way you like it. Your loved ones will thank you for it.

You can contact Joelle Haddad on Instagram through @jjhaddad and @razmejewelry

For more information, email her at razmejewelry@gmail.com or call her on +96170143709

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