What we loved about Bali


Occasionally, you travel somewhere, and you leave a piece of your heart there…. More specifically, Bali!

We were charmed by the beauty of Indonesia on our 14-day honeymoon trip to Bali.

Although most of the websites recommended renting a motorcycle, we opted for a car in order to create our own spontaneous itinerary.

We visited the great temples of Bali, chased waterfalls, and sailed crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

From our Indonesian honeymoon, I am only picking a few elements to discuss thoroughly as one blog is not enough to dwell on the beauty and mesmerizing life we got acquainted with in Bali.

Bali really does deliver in terms of romance, and why wouldn’t it? It has sunshine, beautiful nature, wildlife, and some of the most incredible hotels.

We checked-in at several hotels, but the best one was, and without a shadow of doubt, the Ritz Carlton, at Mandapa Reserve in Ubud.

There! It was all about first impressions! Driving up to Mandapa, we felt like we just entered a clandestine Balinese compound. To reach it, we had to weave through quiet, narrow lanes of pure bliss and greenery.

We were greeted by the most welcoming staff and ushered towards the lobby. ‘Lobby’ was code for a dream world full of day beds and local drinks. These latter were all infused with indigenous herbs, and we surely enjoyed tons of them while overlooking a plunging valley below.

The Ayung River laid 325 feet beneath us and our one-bedroom villa faced a rice field and a front pool view. I honestly suggested finding jobs as waiters here to my husband who didn’t seem to be too hesitant to take on the offer!

Just when we thought that no other part of our trip could top the Ritz, came Ubud!

The city engulfed us as we drove into its lush greenery, miles away from any coastline. Street markets, narrow roads and traffic jams are common here. Then the shopaholic in me emerged. Galleries of handcrafted wooden chairs, distressed doors, straw bags and metal sculptures materialized along the roadside and I thought to myself, I want it all!



Finally, and even now as I sit at my desk, bored up to my ears, I close my eyes and reminisce on the Landscapes!

Bali may be famous for its beaches, but there’s a lot more to this island’s natural beauty than sand and salty water. People are often surprised to hear that Bali also has gorgeous terraced rice paddies, towering volcanoes, wonderful lakes and waterfalls and so much more. Sure, the beaches are nice and all, but we much preferred taking in some of the other landscapes across the island.

There is so much more left unsaid about Bali, but I will leave the rest for a later post! Please, do share your comments and thoughts if you have been there before! Let’s share adventures, let’s all be Bali!


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