Thoughts About Coexistence: A Blessing to Embrace

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So I decided to write about something different today.
I believe being brought up in the Middle East as a Lebanese Arab has been quite a blessing.
Sometimes, unfortunately we fail to see it that way, thus leading others to not see it as well.
Being raised in this culturally rich region, allowed us to grow as humans. However, some will choose to embrace this diversity and some will reject it.
I choose to embrace our differences, which are oh so similar.
I am lucky I was brought up in a family where I learnt to respect and learn about all religions, all beliefs and ideologies without the fear of being repressed or judged.
I am lucky I have parents who never taught me how to hate but instead taught me how to love my family, my friends, my country and humanity.
I am lucky I have parents who put knowledge before opinions.
I am lucky I have parents who teach and listen.
I am lucky I have parents who taught me that fanaticism and racism are wrong. I am lucky I have parents who don’t follow but lead… In the middle of this chaos, I realized how lucky I am to have you. Thank you.
We should all be role models for the whole world, this is what we need to be.
We should show that coexistence- which I personally find a perplex word, as to me we simply exist and there is no need to coexist as existing together is an undeniable fact- is beautiful.
During the holy month of Ramadan, let’s embrace each other.

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