Things I love about Lebanon

Lebanon has always had a special place in my heart. Wherever I go, I find myself comparing everything I experience to my beloved country. Despite the ongoing conflict, corruption and neglect my beautiful country has faced- and regardless of what anyone has to say- Lebanon is a gem with endless surprises. IMG_2009

My last visit to Lebanon was extremely emotional, and it made me realize all the things I love about it.


  • The Coast of Lebanon. It’s hard NOT to love Lebanon’s coastal side, and I might be biased. I am absolutely in love with Ô-Glacée in Batroun, which is situated in Northern Lebanon. What sets it apart from other beach attractions is the salted natural splash pool with fresh water springs bubbling up. Hence, the name… which means chilled water. The colorful furniture and its long bar bring out this warm feel that makes you feel welcomed and happy.


  • The food! It is surreal but no matter where I go, I am a sucker for Lebanese food. We spent a day at Al Kalaa restaurant in Chemlan, situated in Mount Lebanon. The food is to die for, and the view is breathtaking! The only thing better than great food, is great food with a beautiful view.


  • Have you ever experienced Lebanon’s nightlife? Well if you haven’t then you should! Whether you are going out after a long workday or during the weekend, there is always a place where you can dance, dine and be happy! During my last visit, I was amazed by the beautiful, historical and unique concept of the Train Station Bar at Mar Mikhail in Beirut. The music and the vibes were incomparable, especially when you are partying next to a train station built over a century ago as part of the French projects under the Ottoman Empire. My trip ended at the Music Hall waterfront; this place is definitely my all-time favorite!


  • Family. Last but not least, I was able to celebrate my engagement surrounded by my family and friends, who despite the bitter distance remain the reason why Lebanon is so beautiful to me and who always draw me back.



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