Things I learnt when turning 30

They say that in your 30s you settle in your identity, and I feel that’s very much true…

The last couple of years in my life, lead me to this moment.

I always thought my 20s would be my favorite decade, but as I climbed toward 30, life just seems to keep getting better. Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped worrying about all the little things that I can’t change, or maybe it’s because I’ve finally pursued what I really wanted.


So I wanted to celebrate big, surrounded by most of the people I love (missing a few though 🙁). We gathered at Toko in Downtown, a cool and funky contemporary Japanese restaurant, for a lavish customized dinner. Past the bar sits the restaurant and open-plan kitchen, and to the left a serene Japanese-style garden complete with water features, floating Japanese umbrellas and Bonsai trees.

Toko Downtown Dubai

Toko Downtown Dubai


Toko’s concept as explained by our host, is based on the Japanese ‘izakaya’ gastro pub where dishes are served sharing-style as and when ready. The Staff were amazing and so kind and they surprised me with a birthday cake!


After dinner, it was time to party! The girls took me to Iris then Boa and we ended the night with uncontrollable laughs and memories to cherish forever.

IMG_6375 IMG_6377 IMG_6415

It was a night to remember, a night that made me realize that turning 30 means a lot of good things.

You know what you want. You may have taken some wrong turns to finally get it right, but that makes the journey all the more sweet.

By becoming 30, I’ve realized I might never be the person I set out out to be, but I can become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I want to embrace the flaws I’ve come to love about my life, I want to rejoice in the wrong turns I’ve taken which have lead me to the right roads in the end. I want to be nothing at all but the person I’ve grown into over the last 30 years.

I’m still trying to figure it all out. I don’t intend to broadcast my views and opinions as some sort of maxims by which you should live your life. But hey, make sure you follow your passion, make sure by 30, you don’t have any regrets.




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