The Power Of Gifting

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People hide their differences; people may live on the same street without talking to each other.

This month, I am on a mission. I want to open a window in people’s lives and force them to see and find the other… to communicate. I want to create a revolutionary movement that allows everybody to express themselves in front of everybody. Why not to break the ice by gifting someone, a simple thing, like a flower?
It forces conflict.
I want to invade the space boundary of the street’s rightful owners.
I want to touch their privacy.
I want to test the limits… (1)
I demand a reaction!
They might surprise you, they might smile and say thank you.
In fact, the more people know each other, the less they are afraid, and the less likely they are willing to fight.
Thus, I decided to giveaway roses to complete strangers, because the power of gifting, even a simple smile, is undeniably strong!
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Let’s gather as many smiles as we can 🙂


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