Surviving the Pandemic with a baby

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Luca was born on February 16, 2020.

At that time, Covid-19 horror tales were still a faraway topic that we didn’t really worry about.

My husband however, was pretty ready to face the demon.

During that time, my parents came to visit and they ended up staying with us in Dubai on lockdown.

We made the best of it, but of course it wasn’t easy.

Months passed by, and we always made sure Luca had enough quality time with our family and friends, and most importantly that he spent enough time outside playing and exploring.

A year later, Luca was turning a year old! And my parents joined the fun and we had a beautiful time celebrating his different milestones together.

We took the threats of the pandemic seriously and even celebrated alone for the safety of everyone.

Little did we know, that Covid-19 had different plans for us.

A month later, a week before my parents go back to Lebanon, the unexpected happened and my mother tested positive. A couple of days later, I was.

I won’t go through the details of it all, I will tell you instead what I learnt.

I know that being able to rest for however long is needed, and having my husband nearby taking care of our boy, ordering takeout and having groceries delivered, is a sign of privilege. And this is why I won’t go through the details, as I know many suffered great losses because of Covid-19.

I will tell you this, appreciating what we have, the way we have it, is what matters when all is said and done.

While I still sit in my room, on quarantine, away from my family, I learnt that health and family are by far the most important things in life.

Being able to be around my family is everything I would ever need in my life.

Looking back at everything we went through in 2020 and in 2021 to date, I can safely say that we are all survivors.

While I’m grateful that technologies like high-speed internet and free long-distance video calls mean more family interactions, however I also feel we have been robbed of first-times that Luca didn’t get to experience with the whole village.

But as with almost anything negative, there are a few bright spots. The lockdown has created opportunities for parents to spend more time with their newborns.

My husband has a really demanding job that requires him to travel quite a bit, and despite it all, it’s great to have him home spending so much time with our son when we initially thought he would be away.

The sickness, and the lockdown taught us to slow down, cherish the moments we have, create more memories together, because we will get to the other side of this, and we will have a story to tell our lil’ one.

Stay safe everyone


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