Pampering nights

How do you relax? For some it might be a book, a film or a walk, but for me it had to be a pamper day!

Working full time as well as juggling a blog, social life and a relationship not to mention a wedding, definitely takes its toll on anyone! That’s why, it’s so important for me to fit in those pamper nights. In Dubai, the fast and hectic work life makes you realize that you should explore your pampering possibilities.

Although I have enjoyed quite a few pampering experiences, believe it or not, I have never done a massage.

Last week, I decided to treat myself for one at Zuri Beauty Lounge in The Mall, and I am telling it is definitely worth it!

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I decided, for a beginner to try the Swedish massage, and it was such an amazing and relaxing experience. It is funny how during that one hour, you can relax while planning your next tasks in a peaceful atmosphere.

And to end that day beautifully, nothing was better than watching a romantic movie on Netflix!

Do you have pamper nights?  What’s your pamper routine?



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