Off the Beaten Path with Kite Surfers in Dubai

Dubai is an awesome city that lets you enjoy the fun outdoors, the beaches and the endless activities. Kite surfing is one of many activities you can do in Dubai. It is the latest, most extreme water sport to hit Dubai beaches. It looks like a cross between wake boarding and parachuting but is, in fact, Kite surfing.


Besides the speed you can get with your kite and board, the power and lift of the kite enables the rider to perform incredible jumps with acrobatic loops and spins above the water.

I got the chance to be around this community and I can tell you it is extremely fun to watch! This community is always hunting new off the beaten path places where they can kite surf around the emirates.



Well this is what I loved the most, discovering these new places, camping, enjoying the great outdoors!

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You will find kite surfers, men and women of different ages, from all around the world in Dubai, hanging out on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. It is wonderful to hear their stories, how they first started, the first time they hurt their foot or got thrown out of the water!

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You will also meet the parent teaching his kid how to kite surf at a young age hoping he can be the world’s next champion one day!

If you get the chance, you might enjoy pumping the kite with them as a start!

No matter how fun it looks, I still have to gather my courage in order to join them. Till then stand up paddle sounds great!

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