Nostalgic fashion

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Ramadan always brings a certain nostalgia, especially for expats living in Dubai. We always tend to integrate all the existing different cultures in this city’s beautiful melting pot.

Whether it is the cuisine, story telling or the outfits, we are eagerly nostalgic to a certain era.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring Lebanese fashion designer who resides in KSA. Her unique and irreplaceable items are breathtaking.

Zeina Hamwie combines the nostalgia and elegance of old times with today’s modernity. I am not a huge abaya or kaftan lover, but she left me amazed by every piece when she went on explaining the fabrics that were used in each piece.


Growing up all my life in Beirut, hearing her talk yesterday made me long to those nights spent with friends, sleepless, sharing contagious laughs and endless stories. I think the reason for this nostalgia for a Ramadan of days long past is the spirit of union and togetherness that we feel.

Today, unfortunately, people are stuck in the moments of modern life, full of stress and urgent duties.

Whether it is through fashion, story telling or an act of charity, together we can remember.


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