My Summer 2015 Beauty Must-Haves

Back home in Lebanon, my beauty routine consisted of washing my face 3 times a day, drinking plenty of water, moisturizing my skin thoroughly and eating lots of fish to keep my hair looking shiny!

But living in Dubai’s tough weather for over a year has made impossible to avoid a more extensive — and I guess adult! — beauty routine.
I don’t usually have favorite products because I am always looking to try new things, whether in the beauty category or in life in general. But I realized after a while that I kept coming back to these staples, which I will share with you as I keep looking for more to add to my list:

1- Your hair

Hair is the finishing touch to a woman’s overall look, and as such I have been trying to find the right serum to keep my hair in top shape. I found that Pantene Clinicare Thickening Essence is amazing on the beach. It protects your hair from the harmful effect of the sun and gives it a beachy look. I also love using it before blow-drying, because it gives my hair a healthy and silky look.


2- Your lips

Finding the perfect lipstick color is always a challenge, especially in my case, since I want to have it on at all times. All shades of pink are my favorites throughout the summer, but my top picks have to be the pink and coral shades of Max Factor. I absolutely enjoyed trying them and I will be wearing pink and coral shades more often now. You have to try the Pink Brandy and Bewitching Coral and tell me what you think!


3- Your face

I am so happy I found this amazing Olay CC fairness cream with a touch of Max Factor Foundation! If you’re looking to have healthy skin or want to have a natural look, this cream acts as moisturizer with SPF15 and foundation, and gives you a very fresh face! I am obsessed with it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.44.49 PM

4- Your skin

My mother always told me that scrubbing and moisturizing my skin is essential for a healthy looking skin. I have got to say that The Holistic Home’s Scrub is the best I have tried so far! Each scrub is mixed with luxurious French gray sea salt and almond oil, so your skin is left polished and soft. It is simply fabulous!


I hope you enjoyed this list. Let me know your top picks and if you try any of mine, give me your feedback in the comments section!


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