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The time around your engagement is a whirlwind of emotion filled with lots of champagne, celebrations and eating out.

Then, that fades, and you’re left with the realization that you have an entire wedding to plan. Oh, God.

So here it goes, I will be sharing stories of my wedding preparation journey.

One of the most important things that I wanted to achieve before D-day was to get in shape. It wasn’t only about losing weight, it was also about being healthy and adopting the right lifestyle.

Not to mention getting beach ready for the honeymoon!

So when I started this blog (2 years ago last month!), I NEVER thought I would be writing about fitness. I am by absolutely no means an expert when it comes nutrition or working out, but I have tried to adopt a more healthy lifestyle these last few months leading up to the wedding, so I thought I would share my experiences in hopes that it’s even a little bit helpful for other brides getting ready for the big day.
I have always been mindful when it comes to choosing my meals, and I would always go for the healthy choice. However, I have a bad habit of stacking up carbs all day- healthy carbs- which is not really the right method.

When I decided to get started last month, I tried first personal training but I wasn’t really dieting, and now as the day gets closer, I decided to follow a strict diet and register in group activities that will motivate me.

Ever since I moved to Dubai, I have always wanted to try FlyWheel, and I finally did it. I have already completed two weeks with them and you can’t believe the energy and vibes of that place!

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If you are not a gym person like myself, you will definitely love it! I absolutely dreaded going to the gym (which led to me rarely going). Thus, once I had my diet under control (thanks Lively!!), I couldn’t wait to get back on the bike.

They also have amazing barre classes that will help you get toned.

I’ve tried several workout in the past, but I think that group workouts are what really helped me stick to them this time. Taking 1-2 hours out of your day to work out can be tough but generally, you always have just 60 minutes to spare!

And what’s even better, is that even post wedding, I know I’ve found a routine that I’m confident I can keep up with, maybe not as religiously, but at least enough to stay in shape.

I can’t wait to share with you my progress in one month!

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