Jebel Akhdar, Sultanate of Oman,  A birthday roadtrip

‏Take the day off work and do something you love. Head straight to the beach, the spa, a museum, or wherever it is you’re happiest. Be free!

It’s time to make some memories.

What’s more liberating than hitting the open road Jack Kerouac style, looking for adventure?

In fact, there is no better way to see a country (or a piece of it) than by taking a road trip, this is why we decided to drive towards Jebel Akhdar in Oman to celebrate my birthday.
Situated in a unique location 3,000 meters above sea level, Jebel Akhdar has a lot to offer and you could never get bored!
it is for sure one of the most stunning places to visit in the Arabian peninsula, as it offers spectacular mountain views, adventure travel, and rich cultural experiences.
You can get an up-close view of things you miss when you fly—scenic open roads, quirky small-town attractions, amazing mountain views and the ability to see how and where other people in the country live. It’s no surprise that when people make a long drive, they end up with a lot of funny and inspiring things to say about the memories made along the way.
With its rugged nature full of natural beauty, hiking trails and adventure travel (like rock climbing, cave exploration, rapelling) Jebel Akhdar offers lots for the casual hiker and the adventure seeker.

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