Enab, a Lebanese gem in the midst of Dubai

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In the heart of Dubai, I finally found one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants: Enab!


Although it is situated in the citywalk, which is a part of the New Dubai, once you enter the restaurant, you will immediately find yourself in an old Lebanese house.

The restaurant’s entrance takes you to a bar decorated with dried vegetables. A nice authentic touch that reminds me of an old Lebanese village somehow.

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The chairs beautifully designed were shipped directly from Lebanon, which I absolutely loved!

If you haven’t tried Lebanese food yet, I believe Enab will be the right place to visit!

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Every dish was exquisite, every detail was taken into consideration. In fact, Lebanese food is, like the country itself, a complex network of interweaving cultures. The same dish can be presented and seasoned differently, while taking into consideration the heritage of our forefathers: a cuisine that captures every taste.

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We were welcomed by the manager with whom we enjoyed chatting about Lebanon, work and life in general and had an absolutely beautiful time with our mini guests of honor, Jayden & Mason, which were pampered constantly by the team. A welcome that leaves a mark with a resilient smile that didn’t leave us indifferent.


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This place is a story of every Lebanese House, from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. The outings, the parties, the magic, the love of life. That homey feeling. That’s what Lebanon is all about.




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