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We’ve all hated a bad waxing experience and vowed to look into permanent hair reduction, right?

It is highly important to choose a trusted brand before going ahead into anything major. This is why I chose to try Kaya Skin Clinic. First thing to note here is that Kaya Skin Clinic is a premium brand. They have around 20 Kaya Skin Clinics in the Middle East, and they provide services and products both for skincare and haircare.

Their packed appointment book spoke for itself and I liked the way the therapists answered my questions.

As someone with a pretty low pain threshold, I was a little anxious, but as the laser was fired up and both my therapist and I had donned a pair of safety goggles each (the laser gives off a bright flash of light when it zaps the hair follicle), I couldn’t back out.

Next, she marked my skin with a white pencil to make sure that she covered every inch of me meticulously and a cold gel was applied to the areas to make it easier for the head of the laser to glide along.

The sensation I felt was a cross between a plastic band pinging against my skin and the mild electric shock you often get from touching the hand rail on escalators.

Fast forward to today, I’m seven sessions in to my treatment (one session is recommended every four weeks to catch the hair in its correct stage of growth) and I can’t quite believe the difference.

In some places, my hair is non-existent and in others it’s so fine it’s barely even noticeable.

Make sure to check them out! Details below:


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