A Seriously Good Iftar

I love Ramadan in Dubai. It is simply all about people getting together after a long day, talking, laughing and enjoying a good meal together. I always love to try different places for iftars, and this year I came across this off the beaten path tent in the Courtyard, at Al Quoz by “Pinch Gourmet”.


Once you enter the tent, you will feel like you just moved to the time of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. only instead of the genie and other such acts, there were hypnotic platefuls of food, traditional refreshing Ramadan drinks and smiling servers weaving their way through crowds that kept pouring in.


The plates were delicious, colorful and we got to sit with other people which allowed us to talk to them as if we knew them since a long time. As a matter of fact, it is true that nothing brings people together like good food. This is a saying that “Pinch Gourmet” lives by.


What I loved about the place the most, apart from the food, is the vibes. People were talking, laughing. I felt as if I was among family, among friends…

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Below a glimpse into some of the dishes you will get to try there. Everything was prepared by “Pinch Gourmet”‘s chef Elias Kandalaft, who studied at Cordon Bleu Paris in Ottawa. Delicious do not give his dishes justice. Make sure not to miss the special dessert: a gigantic cookie with Ice-cream. We were literally fighting over it. Would I go back? Definitely, it was a seriously good iftar!

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Make sure to check out “Pinch Gourmet” website as they have amazing catering services!


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